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Workshop Material (Dec. 11-14, 2006)
Please download the following *.zip files if you are attending the workshop:
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  This version contains bug fixes and provides improved model performance.
River2Dv0.93.msi   0.93   11-11-2006   November 2006
  For convenience, the complete suite of River2D programs (.exe) and documentation (.pdf) can be downloaded in a Zip file. This file also contains example files.
  0.01   09-30-2002   R2D_ice_0930
  2.01   05-22-2001   R2D_mesh_0522
  2.02   09-30-2002   R2D_mesh_0930
  0.88   11-01-2001   River2D_1101
  0.90   09-30-2002   River2D_0930

The documentation is in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files. These files can be viewed and/or printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.
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  249 KB / 32 pages   09-30-2002
  269 KB / 12 pages   09-30-2002
  209 KB / 32 pages   09-30-2002
  1.0 MB / 120 pages   09-30-2002


These tutorials provide step by step guidance on various aspects of the River2D suite of programs. Each tutorial is provided in Zip format which contain the tutorial document and the relevant files.

This tutorial covers the basic steps involved in using the River2D program. You will learn how to obtain a hydrodynamic solution, perform minor modifications to the computational mesh, and learn about the various ways to view and present model results.

In this tutorial, you will learn about extracting boundaries from existing mesh in River2D for the purpose of submesh development. This boundary will be used to develop a submesh in R2D_Mesh. Once the submesh discretized you will learn how to merge this submesh with the parent mesh.

This tutorial will walk you through the steps involved in performing Fish Habitat Analyses. In particular, it covers how to obtain the Weighted Usable Area (WUA) for your site.

This tutorial will provide you will all of the necessary steps for modelling flow under ice covers of known geometry using the River2D suite of program. Specifically, you will learn how to use R2D_Ice (the ice topography editor) and incorporate ice features, (such as the edge of the ice in partially ice covered domains) during the mesh generation process.

In this tutorial, the steps involved in running the River2D program in transient mode are covered. You will learn about setting transient boundary conditions and model parameters. The possible transient output formats are also covered.

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